This a collection of projects that I've started throughout the years. This list includes personal and professional projects. Keep in mind that this is a WIP list, and some projects might have more detailed information than others. If you have a question, feel free to reach out!

06/2016 - now



Intelligo app aims to change the way of communication between the users of an educational institution. Owners, teachers, students, and parents are connected in a digital platform that provides them with tools and procedures to help with their ongoing educational trip.

04/2020 - now

Intelligo Video-conference

ReactJitsi MeetJicofoProsody IMExcalidrawGrafana

A custom flavor of Jitsi meet for our needs at Intelligo, with performance optimizations, and integration with Excalidraw to use as a virtual whiteboard. There's also a load balancing services in place with multiple video-bridges ready to handle any unexpected load. Everything is monitored using Grafana

05/2020 - now

Hetzner scaling service

ElmElm UIHetzner API

A simple web application that scales selected web servers based on some configuration. Some factors are date, time, and also current and forecasted user traffic. This cuts costs dramatically and also ensures uninterrupted service in our Intelligo Video-conference platform

11/2017 - now



Appaside helps you create, manage, and organize your next football match. You can explore games created by your friends, hold your own, or join directly to a game by accepting an invite from that friend-of-a-friend

01/2020 - now

ReactReact NativeReact Native WebReanimatedStyled-componentsFirestore

Set your recurring goals and track them easily with a simple and intuitive UI. Started as a new year's resolution goal, to monitor other new year's resolutions.

03/2020 - now


ReactReact NativeStyled-componentsFirestoreElm

Find the latest events on the island of Ikaria and plan your perfect holidays. Save your favorite activities and find any tourist information that you're going to need.