About me

I'm a self-taught self-driven engineer, with years of experience in both agency and product development.

I've been building side-projects and apps for almost ten years, and I always try to learn tools and frameworks that will help me provide the best value code and product wise.

My curiosity forced me to try multiple libraries and frameworks throughout my career, such as jQuery

, KnockoutJS
, Ember
, AngularJS
, and Svelte
. Since 2014 I mostly use React since it enables excellent development velocity combined with tooling for most day-to-day scenarios and know-how for an A-class user experience.

I'm also an advocate for treating performance as a first-class citizen, and I always try to measure and profile my apps often enough to fix any hiccups.

In my spare time, I'm mostly coding on side projects. I've started more side projects than I can count, and my next goal would be to finish some of them.

Side projects also act as a playground for new technologies. I've been experimenting with Elm and Ocaml/ReasonML for the last two years, but I haven't been able to use them on production yet.

Some buzzwords that I feel confident about (and provide SEO value on my website 😅) but didn't mention before are: Javascript

, ES6
, React Native
, Webpack
, NextJS
, Electron
, Websockets


Alex Bratsos

Front-end Developer